Tips for the Bride

Dear brides, the wedding season has begun, so here are a number of good tips that will help you get to your big day more beautiful than ever that will make it even more special and a few tips to avoid many common errors related to makeup. Remember that choosing the wrong makeup or not well executed you will remember all the times that regard it your photos, while the goal is to be beautiful and fabulous live every time you see again for years to come!
Before the wedding day:

  • launched a skin care program, hair and nails, at least one month before the wedding. Most brides start taking care of their skin a few days before the wedding and at this point it is very late to get results, even at times you can do worse. Any treatment you decide to do to your skin, cleansing, scrub, peeling or other, do not do it EVER close to the wedding date, but at least a week before. This especially if you are going to face an ever tried treatment before and therefore do not know how your skin will react. You have to give your skin the reset time, in case there are unexpected redness or irritation. Is fundamental to have a healthy skin to create a flawless look, you'll be radiant, not scaly!


  • Stay away from the sun as much as possible. A light healthy browning can be good, be too tanned not give you a nice appearance, in contrast to make up and light-colored suit, giving you a slightly elegant appearance. When you go out, do not forget to use a sunscreen with at least SPF 20.


  • Try to sleep well and sufficiently, otherwise it will be hard to hide your dark circles in your big day. A good professional makeup definitely help you a lot, but better is the basis on which you work and the better the result. And above all be happy and peaceful as possible... Remember, what happens in your mind, it is reflected on your face. If you are comfortable within yourself, you will also be the most beautiful!


  • Reserve your trial make-up several months before the wedding. After performing the test, you'll know right away if the make up artist choice is the right one for you, if she will make you beautiful as every bride deserves to be in her best day and not run the risk that is already busy with another bride and it may well give you the security of its availability on the day of your choice.


  • It is also advisable, being able to show at least one wedding gown photos you choose to your makeup artist, so she can study for you an absolutely perfect look, although it should be remembered that in any case generally, the make up is done by studying the type of face and personality of the bride.


  • The type of makeup can vary not only according to your body shape and character, but also depending on the time when the ceremony takes place. The makeup will be different for a wedding celebrated in the morning as opposed to one celebrated in the afternoon. In fact, the effect on the face makeup changes depending on the light to which it is exposed and then a good makeup artist will be able to choose the right makeup depending on the time in which it will be brought.


  • Bridal makeup should be more clear and structured in comparison to what you use on other days. Primarily because it is an absolutely special day and you have to be spectacular and above all, you must remember that cameras and videos "eat" 50% of your makeup. If you have a subtle make-up, after a few hours, both live and in photos, you will appear as just get out of bed.


  • That day you will be constantly photographed. Remember, that the bottom of the make-up based on shades of yellow, gives his best, on your skin subjected to flash, while those with pink tones will make you look too pale. So, know that it takes a good skill of knowledge of products and colors for a fabulous result!


  • Always use a pencil to outline the lips of the same shade of lipstick, or the detachment will be too obvious and the effect will not be balanced on your face.


  • Remember that it is always necessary to balance the make-up of eyes with make-up lips. In case you want to have very deep and expressive eyes, as recommended fashion makeup of the moment, we must lighten the lips and make-up of a natural and bright colors. If, however, you'll want to use a dark lipstick and highlight your lips, like Marilyn Monroe, it will be much better to have more natural and eyes made up with light colors.


  • Never forget to check that the basic background on the skin is uniform and without coming off color between the lower face and neck. Should not be neglected even the ears and other areas where you can see a difference. Even for this will require an experienced person because the makeup will have to be structured and long-lasting, but the effect will still be natural and bright, easy to say but not so easy to do.


  • Ask your sister, a friend or another female relative of having a loose transparent powder and a clear gloss, they will serve for minor touch ups, especially for dull skin when the heat makes you sweat a little. Just a small amount of powder and will return perfect live and beautiful in pictures. It will be the same make-up artist to give you a little bit.


  • Remember that a true professional makeup artist will know how to make you fabulous. Do not underestimate the importance of your make up on this day. Bridal makeup is by far the most difficult and challenging to even realize for an expert, because it has to be bright, make you beautiful, long lasting and does not smudge, resist the kisses, the hugs, the temperature, and it must be nice to live and make the best in photography! .... in short, is not easy ... imagine for those who experienced it is not! ... give yourself the pleasure of feeling as beautiful as the stars, and you will live your day in an unforgettable way.




If you need some advice, an opinion or have any particular question to solve your own doubts, write to me or on my FB page looking Stefania Bon Make Up Artist. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, and if it takes me a little bit, be inclusive ... but, I always answer!

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